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1469 E. Valley Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

P.O. Box 5278
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Tel: (805) 969-2026
Fax: (805) 969-4043

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Land Use Committee

The Montecito Association Land Use Committee is responsible for monitoring land use issues in the community.  The committee reviews development projects and monitors architectural review projects on behalf of the Association.  The committee meets regularly on the first Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. in the Montecito Community Hall, 1469 East Valley Road.


Namesort icon Contact Information
Peter van Duinwyk

(h) (805) 969-2090
575 Live Oaks Road
Dick Thielscher

(h) (805) 969-5058 or (805) 969-4816
Michael Lee

(h) (805) 969-9012
649 Santa Rosa Lane
Carolee Krieger
ad hoc member

(h) (805) 969-0824
808 Romero Canyon Road
Martha Gray

P.O. Box 50032
Bruce Emmens

Thomas Bollay

(o) (805) 969-1991 or (805) 565-7682
P.O. Box 5686
Frank W. Blue

(h) (805) 575-0378
2165 Alisos Drive