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1469 E. Valley Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

P.O. Box 5278
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Tel: (805) 969-2026
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About the Montecito Association

Our Mission

The Montecito Association is an organization committed to leading the community in the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the semi-rural residential character of Montecito.

What We Do

The Montecito Association is a nonprofit community association.  We are supported by our membership, comprised of Montecito residents, property owners and businesses.  With the support of our members, the Association monitors issues affecting Montecito.  We monitor the activities of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, follow land use developments and issues and strive to address the day-to-day concerns of Montecito residents.

Through the Association's participation in County decision-making processes, we serve as a voice for the Community.  That voice is used in pursuit of the goal of maintaining the character of the community and advocating for adherence to the Montecito Community Plan

The Association has a History Archive that collects information, photos and other materials that document and illuminate the history of Montecito. 

We encourage open communication and dialog between community members and all are invited to attend our monthly board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 4 PM in the Community Hall and periodic community forums on issue of interest to Montecito residents.  The strong sense of community in Montecito is fostered by several annual events hosted by the Association, including the Village 4th of July Celebration and Beautification Day.

The Association also manages the Community Hall building where our office is located on behalf of Santa Barbara County.  The Community Room may be used for meetings and other activities for a small fee.  Reservations may be made by contacting our office.

Join us today in support of the wonderful community we call home!


Susan Robles has been the Montecito Association Office Coordinator since 2013.  Susan is a third generation Montecitan and a second generation Cold Spring School alumni.  She is married to Chris whose family has resided in Montecito for over 200 years.  She has an advanced degree in Transportation Management and worked for twenty-one years in aviation.  She and her family have business interests in Montecito.  She currently serves as an Officer on two non-profit boards in Montecito.  Email Susan at info(at)