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1469 E. Valley Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

P.O. Box 5278
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Tel: (805) 969-2026
Fax: (805) 969-4043

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Montecito Community Foundation

Founded in 1966 the Montecito Community Foundation, a tax-deductible charity, grants funds for projects in Montecito, including the placement of wooded street signs. The Foundation also supports the Montecito Association’s Village Fourth annual celebration. It stands ready to respond to the changing needs of the community.

Anyone interested in supporting the Foundation may send checks to Montecito Community Foundation, P.O. Box 5001, Montecito, CA 93150. For information regarding grant applications the foundation can be reached through the Montecito Association by calling 805-969-2026.