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Water Shortage Emergency

In response to drought conditions and dwindling available water supplies, the Montecito Water District (MWD) adopted an ordinance declaring a water shortage emergency and establishing restrictions on water use. You can view the ordinance at this link: Water Shortage Emergency Ordinance.  A news report of the meeting can be found here:

The MWD has now adopted a Water Allocation Plan and related ordinance. This plan establishes annual and monthly limitations on the amount of water used. For residential customers the proposed plan establishes a base allocation of 25 hundred cubic feet (HCF) or units of water per month intended to meet essential needs with an additional allocation for non-essential uses that varies based on parcel size and month. You can view the  Allocation Plan here. 

The Master Gardeners of Santa Barbara County and the City of Santa Barbara are offering a free public workshop on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 10-11 a.m. at the Louise Lowery Davice Center, 1232 De la Vina Street related to lawn alternatives.  Call 805-893-3485 with questions.  You can also find information on water conservation at these two websites: and