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Letter from Charlene Nagel - 1/14/2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sent by email to membership on January 14, 2018

Dear Montecito Association Members and Neighbors:

Montecito has experienced a devastating series of recent events.  It is our hope that you and your families are safe.
Allison Marcillac, our new Executive Director, lost her entire home early Tuesday morning.  Luckily and with great thanks, as a result of the heroic efforts of the  Montecito Fire Protection District's immediate response, she and her entire family were safely rescued.  
We are so thankful for all of the many first responders and neighbors that are working so hard and are so dedicated in assisting us and our community during this time of need.
The office staff and I have been working remotely from different locations so it has been difficult for us to communicate with our membership.  We strongly urge you to continue to stay informed through all the alerts and news from our local officials and governmental agencies and by viewing the daily press conferences at 4 pm on KEYT. 
During our recovery we will be forwarding pertinent information that we feel is important to share with you, such as emails from the office of Supervisor Williams, emails from the Coast Village Association and other related resources. 
Montecito is resilient, Montecito is strong . . . and the Montecito Association continues to be fully dedicated to our community and our recovery. 
We value your membership and appreciate your patience, support and understanding during this challenging time.

With great gratitude,

Charlene Nagel